Baby Momma Drama





This is one of those “I scrolled down hoping for an explanation” things

Dude went to a Magic: The Gathering tournament and saw a whole lot of ass hanging out and decided to have fun with it.

This dude is also banned from said tournament because this photoset got so popular and it was considered insulting to the players…….

A true martyr.

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torisamos buttcrack zack 

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But she did look back, and I love her for that, because it was so human.
Kurt Vonnegut  (via floralnymph)
I’m gonna flip the fuck out.

I’m physically ill from stress, this is fucking redicculous.


Relatable posts?
played my first disc golf tournament today

got 3rd of 8 in my division, didnt play as well as I would have hoped . it started fuck all early, I was up at 6am to get ready, registration was at 8, we played 3 rounds, 36 holes. I ended up winning 2 discs, good stuff, gotta tune up my driving and putting accuracy. and my midrange while i’m at it…yeah, my whole game needs work. better luck next time I supose.

i’m just gonna give up soon